Ground Mounted - Mounting Systems Solar Panels

Profilodomi designs and produces all mounting systems inside the company's facilities  The product list includes typical mounting systems with fixed and changeable inclination, custom made structures for every type of solar module 

Panels dimensions : 

990~1330  by  1640~2410  monofacialsor/and bifacial panels

Ground Mounted systems 

 Fixed tilt

  • 2 rows of panels - vertical
  • 3 rows of panels- vertical
  • 3-4 rows of panel horizontal 
  • Common tilt : 20° , 25° , 30° - or any other upon request. 

 Changeable tilt 

  • 2 rows of panels - vertical
  • 3-4 rows of panel horizontal 
  • Range of changeable tilt, depends of dimentions of the solar panels , the area of installation and the shadows which is created by them in the maximum tilt . 

 Types of driving piles foundations  

  • 2 driven piles 
  • 1 -driven pile 

Types:  U or C or IPE120 


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