Changeable Inclination

Adjustable mounting systems , the solution to increase production

These systems can be designed with adjustable inclination, meaning that the angle at which the panels are positioned can be changed manually on a seasonal basis. Adjustable inclination can be useful in optimizing the performance of the solar panels by allowing them to be positioned at the optimal angle for capturing sunlight throughout the year. This can be important in areas with significant seasonal changes in the amount of sunlight received, as the optimal angle for capturing sunlight can vary depending on the time of year.

The position of the Sun on the horizon
Because the axis of rotation of the Earth around itself is not perpendicular to the plane of its orbit around the Sun and forms an angle of about 23 ° 26΄ and at the same time the axis holds the same direction in space, the result is half a year ( March 21 to September 22) the northern hemisphere "tilts" towards the Sun, with the maximum around June 21, while in the other half of the year the southern hemisphere is the one that "tilts" most towards the Sun, with the maximum about on December 21st. The two moments of these peaks are known as solstices.
In the temperate zone, in summer the Sun remains for more hours and higher above the horizon, while in winter fewer hours and lower in the sky. Both phenomena (more vertical incidence of the Sun's rays on the ground in summer because the Sun rises higher than the horizon, and longer day) contribute to the temperature difference between summer and winter.
This difference in the positions of the sun on the horizon is exploited by the adjustable tilt bases, so that the sun's rays strike as perpendicularly as possible to the surface of the panel.

The range of inclination.
Depending on the latitude, the inclination of the sun varies throughout the year. Thus, for the northern hemisphere, the horizon adjustment in southern areas is in the range of lower slopes since the sun is more perpendicular to the sky while in northern areas in higher range because the sun there clears lower positions during the year in the sky.
On the other hand, an important factor that influences the choice of the tilt range, is the length of the photovoltaic panels and the shade that is created mainly in the winter months in the possibility of shading rows with panels that follow far behind.

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Changeable Inclination angle 
PROFILODOMI  has studied this fact and with proven examples, it has been shown that the change of inclination, increases the production as the angle of incidence of the sun's rays in the photovoltaics, in terms of its perpendicularity, improves.
Thus, the company has designed and developed a complete series of changeable inclination angle mounting systems , with parameters of the tilt range depending on the area, the dimension of the panel, the placement of the mounting system on the roofs of cement surfaces , fields and grounds or industrial roofs and for single or double rows of photovoltaic .
More than 300MWp on regulated bases have been installed in small or large parks or park clusters in areas from Africa to Sweden.

The change of inclination
The setting per table is simple with 2-3 people in 3-4 minutes. They need 2 portable battery screwdrivers to unscrew and re-screw the appropriate tilt position screws after the change.
The basic tasks are as follows

  • Unscrew the front and rear screws in each pair of 2 people (one front and one rear)
  • The table is ready for change, free, and because it is balanced it does not fall
  • The 3 people (divided at the edges and in the middle) lower the table for the winter (or raise it - respectively for the summer) and fix it at the desired inclination (or finish it at its base degrees)
  • The 2 people put - screw the screws in the new positions again.
  • They go to the next table in the park

In total, a 1MWP park can be changed in much less than 8 hours with 2 ~ 3 people.

Increasing production
As a general rule, 2 times a year (winter - summer) or more if available, can increase production by 5% -10% depending on the area and photovoltaic panels. T
Because these mounting systems are higher than usual - and especially- when they are more horizontal in summer it helps to be more free space below the panels, so the panels are "ventilated and cooled" better, while in the fields the grass does not cover the front panels

The company is at the disposal of the partners for any information.

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Changeable Inclination
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