The company

PROFILODOMI company founded in 2000 in Volos as Technical - Commercial company .It is  focusing in the metals cold forming processes . The long experience of its founders , and the decision to invest in human resources with knowledge and willingness to work, gave the company the dynamism and flexibility for a constantly rising.

The company headquarters is located in  Volos Magnesia next to 1st Industrial Area of Volos, This area has connection to the port of Volos, the railway line and the European route E75.
The company's facilities extends over an area of 12.000 m2 and the covered area is 2.000m2. The management, production and storage of products coexist in the same place with the aim of immediacy in the company's operation and service of its partners.

  The PROFILODOMI is equipped with modern production machinery for products of steel such as cable trays, mounting systems for solar modules ,flashings and parts for industrial buildings  etc. Our target is to produce modern and high quality products to meet every requirement of the market. The sales management system is connected to the production process so that the order can be monitored from the moment that enters the system, and ends with the support after the sale thus ensuring prompt delivery of products and services


Suppliers of metals and steel  are supplying Profilodomi with  certified products and services. They feature modern technology and great expertise, so the raw materials we process always provides an excellent product with high standards.


Our company strictly implements the Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified by EQA (European Quality Assurance Hellas). In addition  for static requirements   PROFILODOMI products are designed  under Greek regulations and Eurocodes.