Ground Mounted - Fixed Inclination

Configurations of the mounting system regarding the panels on the tables 

  • 2 Rows of Solar panels (2-Vertical)
  • 3 Rows of Solar panels (3-Vertical)
  • panels placed in Landscape orientation

Configurations of the driven piles foundations 

  • 2-Driven Piles , type  U
  • 1-Driven Piles , type ΙΡΕ120 Steel Beam or C 

Types of Solar Panels 

  • 60cells ( ~ 0,90 x~1,65m)
  • 72cells (~0.90 x ~2.3m)
  • panels with length up to 2.4m
  • Bifacial panels
  • Thin film solar panels

Different types regarding the ground 

  • Changes in lenth of the pile into the ground
  • Driven piles for concrete 
  • Mounting systems with flexible parts for ground slops 
  • Any other type can be designed according to customer's demand

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